Keeping The Bastards HonestWhilst Protecting Pensions And Super

Keeping the bastards honest whilst protecting pensions and superannuation

I believe the government of the day should get some “clear air in front of them” so they can implement the policies they have put to the Australian public and had this mandated on election day at the polls. On this basis, any policies put forward more than 7 days prior to the election date should be be given right of passage through the senate with the appropriate checks and balances. However, I have some exceptions:

  • Pensions
  • Superannuation
  • Environment (Climate change)

7 Prime Ministers in 12 years is simply not acceptable.  It’s not inconceivable that a lot of internal anxiety at a party political party level comes from the Government of the day’s inability to get things done due to constant push back and dealing with the senate. Often with independents and minor parties pushing their own policy agendas. If you want to set policy and agendas then go and get yourself voted into the house of Representatives. 

Hence my policy

“To keep the bastards honest whilst protecting pensions, superannuation and the environment”

Support legislation of the government of the day

During an election campaign, the government and the opposition owe it to the Australian people to make known their policies more than a week out from the election.  If I am to support the government in power I believe it only fair that the major political parties tell the Australian public what their policies and positions are prior to the election with advance notice. Party policies must be stated more than 1 week prior to the election date.

Should the political party controlling government change Prime Minister for any reason (apart from death) “all bets are off” and I will sit truly independent.

Policy or legislation must not be detrimental or negatively impact pensions, superannuation or the environment. Again. I cannot and will not support any such legislation.

How Vote Karl and the party of your choice

As a true independent I do not believe that voters should be locked in to my formal how to vote card. By having multiple how to vote 1 Karl Morris  and then preference based on your own political leanings, I believe I truly remain party agnostic.

Whilst I will have a formal how to vote Karl card I will also have how to vote cards that will place myself first and then follow the order of the party you chose to follow. Traditionally very little options have been available to voters but to follow the how to vote cards of the nominated candidate. I may stand corrected but I believe the Democrats (when they kept the bastards honest before in my opinion attempting to dictate policy  from the senate) had a two sided how to vote cards back in the 1980s.   It’s my intention to have people download the how to vote card that suits their political leanings whilst protecting their pensions or superannuation. By voters printing their personalised how to vote slip at home  this removes the need to have hundreds of volunteers on polling day handing out how to vote cards at every polling booth in Victoria

How to Vote Karl and Labor

This would be a how to vote card that has me first in the number 1 position with positions 2 through to 6 being occupied with the Labor party’s first five preferences. see how to vote Karl then Labor.

How to Vote Karl and Liberal

This would be a how to vote card that has me first in the number 1 position with positions 2 through to 6 being occupied with the Liberal party’s first five preferences. how to vote Karl then Liberal

This will apply for the minor parties also,

Find out how you can keep the bastards honest.