Karl Morris

Keeping The Bastards HonestWhilst Protecting Pensions And Super
Karl Morris

7 Prime Ministers since 2007, is our system broken?

You would be forgiven for thinking our political system was fundamentally broken, however, living here in Australia we cannot see the forest for the trees. We still live in the lucky country where opportunity abounds and our standard of living is the envy of the majority of the world.

So what’s the problem?

I believe that in recent years our Senate has been hijacked by independents and minor parties, making it very difficult for the government of the day to ensure key legislation has been passed. The Senate was not established to set policy and direction. “The Senate is a house of review and a powerful check on the government of the day”. Recent government of the day has become embroiled in negotiating with minor parties and at times compromised their principles or legislation to achieve some form of an outcome.

I do not believe that parties or independents in the senate should be setting the agenda for the government of the day. It’s a house of review, not a place to be setting agendas.

What’s the solution?

Give the party that wins the election some clear air in the Senate so they can carry out their agenda based on the mandate they have been given by the Australian people. This mandate is based on all policies announced more than 7 days out prior to the election. Keep in mind I will not support any policies that are detrimental to pensions and superannuation.

Anyone over the age of 50 will remember those immortal words of Senator Don Chipp in promising to “keep the bastards honest”My platform hence is very simple

“I will keep the bastards honest whilst protecting pensions,superannuation and the environment”

Should I be successful in being elected to the senate I pledge to:

  • Support legislation of the Government of The Day
    • Party policies must be nominated (announced) and fully costed more than 7 days out from an election
    • Policy or legislation must not be detrimental or negatively impact pensions and or superannuation
    • Policy action needs to be taken on the environment (Climate change)
    • Party cannot change Prime Minister – all bets are off under these circumstances
Karl Morris
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