Conservative and green. Is it really possible?

The Australian political landscape of recent years, makes it seem that being conservative and green are mutually exclusive. If you think back to Kevin Rudd and Malcolm Turnbull I genuinely believe that Australia’s environmental policies were heading in a positive green direction and the political direction of the country as a whole seemed to be heading in a positive direction. Fast forward a decade or so later, and this didn’t work out too well for either of these two Prime Ministers.  The Greens got hold of Julia Gillard and savaged the environment directly to the left and Tony Abbott wrestled control off Malcolm Turnbull and savaged the environment directly to the right. Solidifying the wider belief in the community that ‘being conservative and green are mutually exclusive’.

And as a direct result of all this, the liberals to the conservative right and the greens to the extreme left would have us believe that you can’t be both a conservative and a green. I’m here to say that I consider myself both conservative and green

If I was to run at the next federal election I would form a party on the basis of being conservative and green. Per the last election, don’t mess with pensions or superannuation but let’s really look at holding a conservative sensible line and being green.

Any ideas for the name of a party that is conservative and green would be appreciated.

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