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karlmorriscom Why aren’t we taxing the global tech giants?

Why aren’t we taxing the global tech giants?

The COVID-19 pandemic rages on around the world globally and in Australia, we have this complacency, and a “she’ll be right mate” attitude, probably due to the continued success of limiting the spread of coronavirus in our lucky country. However the fight against COVID isn’t over yet, and when it is largely beaten, the debt... Read more

ScoMo? What are you thinking? ScoMo V Google

Covid crisis and all ScoMo has had his hands full over the last 12 months. Yet the Government continues to run the country and push ahead with new pieces of legislation. The one piece of legislation that has my attention is the law forcing Google and Facebook to pay media outlets for news content. The... Read more
tesla charging station sign -by John Cameron

Stimulus for the sake of stimulus? A missed opportunity

12 months ago today, I was looking forward to a year that was going to be full of adventure and travel and no concerns about where my next roll of toilet paper was coming from. Fast forward 12 months and our world was turned upside down by a then little known virus called COVID-19. In... Read more

Conservative and green. Is it really possible?

The Australian political landscape of recent years, makes it seem that being conservative and green are mutually exclusive. If you think back to Kevin Rudd and Malcolm Turnbull I genuinely believe that Australia’s environmental policies were heading in a positive green direction and the political direction of the country as a whole seemed to be... Read more

If I’m going to have another crack at the senate, it has to be above the line

Well, it was one hell of election night, and one fo the anals not to be forgotten. Reminded me of the Paul Keating John Hewson unlosable election of 1993. Bill Shorten (remember him) snatched defeat from the jaws of victory and Scomo famously swept into power. I enjoyed the process and must admit I had... Read more
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